If you have a metal on metal implant (MoM) please take immediate action and educate yourself on the implications of Cobalt and Chromium poisoning.

These are a few known manufactures of hip implants that may cause higher levels of cobalt and chromium

Known Manufactures To Cause Poisoning
• DePuy ASR Hip Implant • Pinnacle MOM Hip Implant• Recalled Stryker Rejuvenate & ABG II• Recalled Smith and Nephew R3 Acetabular Hip Implant• Smith and Nephew BHR total hip replacemen


What Is Considered A High Level of Cobalt Chromium?

Slightly raised metal levels in the blood are regular for clients with MoM hip implants; nevertheless, exceedingly high metal levels in the blood can expose cobalt and chromium hip poisoning. These levels can be determined by a metal toxicity (cobalt and chromium) blood test performed by your doctor. If you have received a blood test to test for cobalt and chromium ion levels, then it is essential that you understand your results to recognize if you have high metal toxicity in the blood. Left without treatment, cobalt and chromium hip poisoning can have serious health effects. If you have not had a cobalt and chromium ion blood test and you have any of the metal-on-metal implants listed above, then please request one from your physician right away.

High Chromium Levels:

According to the Mayo Clinic Medical Laboratories, “blood serum concentrations greater than 1ng/mL in a patient with Cr-based implant suggest significant prosthesis wear.” Their research also indicates that these levels increase the longer you have the implant.

High Cobalt Levels:

The Mayo Clinic Medical Laboratories also reports that “Concentrations > or =1.0 ng/mL indicate possible environmental or occupational exposure. Cobalt concentrations associated with toxicity must be interpreted in the context of the source of exposure. If cobalt is ingested, concentrations > 5 ng/mL suggest major exposure and likely toxicity. If cobalt exposure is due to orthopedic implant wear, there are no large case number reports associating high circulating serum cobalt with toxicity.

There are no Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) blood or urine criteria for occupational exposure to cobalt.

Prosthesis wear is known to result in increased circulating concentration of metal ions. Modest increase (4-10 ng/mL) in serum cobalt concentration is likely to be associated with a prosthetic device in good condition. Serum concentrations >10 ng/mL in a patient with cobalt-based implant suggest significant prosthesis wear. Increased serum trace element concentrations in the absence of corroborating clinical information do not independently predict prosthesis wear or failure.”

What Is Considered Cobalt and Chromium Poisoning? What Are The Symptoms Of Cobalt And Chromium Poisoning? What Do Your Blood Test Scores Mean?

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• Gastrointestinal Problems • Neuropathy (nerve damage) • Thyroid Problems• Kidney Failure • Skin Disorders • Hemorrhage • Pulmonary Syndrome

• Impaired Liver Function • Reproductive Problems • DNA Mutations• Higher Cancer Risk

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The Mayo Clinic Medical Laboratories: Clinical Interpretive

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